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Oxcomm is a specialized solution provider for safe and smart new generation of buildings and campuses. Our persistent Research and Development efforts in software and hardware has enabled Oxcomm to better the solutions to match the industry codes and standards and offer innovative tools to manage the solutions in any kind of challenging environment. ​

Our devotion to indigenous R&D activities along with our association with research labs of leading universities and technology partners grant us the ability to lead as a true innovator and benefit our customers with useful product portfolio. ​​

Oxcomm is fully committed to efficient design, quality manufacturing and consistent support.

Our Mission

Oxcomm is determined to enhance life by applying technological innovation in our products through our continuous research and Development. Our team is committed to provide high quality and reliable products to our customers and support them passionately for great experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the best solution provider for innovative, sustainable and efficient building technology systems.

Our Products

Structured Cabling System

Oxcomm Structured Cabling system provides performance assured communication network for the end user for versatile IT applications covered with a 25 years certified warranty. A structured cabling system is a comprehensive system of cabling and related hardware, which provides an infrastructure for information communication technology to support voice, video and data communications. ​

The structured cabling system is designed and implemented in unique manner at each facility due to the following reasons:

  • Cable type and connection components
  • Application of cabling plant
  • Building type and usage
​Decades of efforts by several industry entities have resulted in standardizing the design and installation methods. Oxcomm products supports the designers and installers to install and maintain a cabling plant as per standards and industry best practices. Our products are manufactured in European factories with highest level of quality Control and Management Process. Products assembled from our international factories are thoroughly tested by our stringent quality control to ensure that every product delivers the quality standard of the company. Our partners are trained in designing and deploying Oxcomm structured cabling system through our various training programmes. Oxcomm is fully committed to develop Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) System in compliance to international standards ISO / IEC 18598:2016. Please contact Oxcomm or our channel partner for more details.

"OXLAN" Fibre based LAN

Oxcomm has engineered the OXLAN (Optical eXtended Local Area Network) solution to suit the corporate customers and governments who demand reliable and scalable data network infrastructure to meet their critical applications. The solution enables the designers to provide committed bandwidth to their users with extremely durable infrastructure. The customers of OXLAN benefit from high Return on investment as the total cost of ownership acts to their advantage. The customers are able to effectively control over both CAPEX and OPEX. ​

Oxcomm OXLAN solution utilizes the Passive Optical Network technology. The point to multipoint architecture in which Oxcomm splitters enable single Oxcomm optical fiber strand to serve multiple work-areas and connected devices. The OXLAN system has been developed in order to provide clients with a complete solution. The system covers all the requirements of the building data network infrastructure including passive components such as cables, patch cords, ODFs, splitters etc. We are able to offer through our certified channel partners - consultation, project design support, installation, testing, maintenance and training. ​

Oxcomm OXLAN provides the following benefits:

  • Universal network infrastructure for delivering modern services
  • Passive nodes between Core and user nodes
  • High reliability
  • Perfect network scalability
  • No 100 meter limit between user and switch
  • Wide range of user devices
  • Convenient tools for the IT manager to manage the entire network – the “OXONE” Infrastructure control and management software from Oxcomm enables to manage customer devices via the TR-069 protocol
  • Universal solution for different types of networks
​ The OXLAN solution is manufactured and tested in our European factories and is offered with Lifetime warranty for passive and 5 years warranty for active components through our certified channel partners.

Telecom and Data Center

In today’s highly competitive market environment the telecom operators are striving hard to maintain acceptable levels of revenue growth, satisfactory customer experience and profitability. This is reaped by providing compelling innovative and distinct technology experience, service automation and efficient methods and effective infrastructure. Oxcomm is fully equipped to support the telecom service providers in their endeavour to achieve their business goals. Our product line for telecom sector is designed and manufactured for durable components, efficient installations, and ease of maintenance. Our R&D team can assist our customers in customising the products to suit their needs. ​

Our fiber optic cable management systems deliver high performance solutions for Telecom network installations. Our advanced modular fiber optic systems include the full range of passive components to provide complete solutions for advanced applications and maximize telecom infrastructure performance, scalability and reliability. ​

Our cable management system components including racks, cabinets, shelves, connector panels are manufactured from Aluminium. With over 20 years of expertise in manufacturing passive optical network components, we design, develop and manufacture innovative and customized solutions in full compliance to international standards. We are well placed to offer a comprehensive range of optical fibers and cables to fulfil all requirements. The portfolio includes an extensive range of standard optical & plastic fiber, military tactical cable and cables specifically designed for FTTx applications. Our quality products are assured with high performance, durability and longevity. ​

The quality of a terminated fiber optic connector depends on the polishing process applied. Hence our advanced polishing machines are entirely suitable for mass production. The range of polishing machines is complemented by polishing disks and jigs, adhesive curing ovens and the unique Oxcomm termination kits using standard zirconia ferrule technology and proven rapid cure adhesive. Oxcomm has a range of high density copper and fiber connectivity hardware components for data center applications. Our MTP and MPO solution enables effective usage of data center Rack units. Oxcomm can provide preterminated fiber solution manufactured from our European factories to meet the modern data center connectivity for migration projects and new deployment.

Communication and Intercom Systems

Limpid-2V is the IP PABX solution from Oxcomm that provides advanced voice and video communication solutions for Enterprise customers. The solution offers high quality of voice communication and video calling. The solution is compatible with industry standard SIP phones, android IP phones and legacy analog phones. Limpid-2V is powered by Oxone software which provides several innovative features to integrate with other building technologies. ​

Limpid-2V is preinstalled in Oxcomm servers for plug and play applications. The user end programming is simplified with GUI based interface. The Oxone software provides powerful and robust service with ease of management and maintenance of the overall system. Limpid-home is our range of intercom solution for residential buildings. Limpid-home has several variety of intercom system which could be used in villas and multidwelling environment.

Electronic Security and Safety Solutions

CCTV is a video surveillance system in which the video streams are monitored primarily for security purposes. ​ CCTV is effectively deployed through placement of cameras at strategic locations and observation of the video streams at a control room by a human operator through software analysis and digital recording system.

Oxone V2k is the VMS solution from Oxcomm which is based on open platform system and is used for a variety of purposes, including: ​

  • Detection and monitoring in Campus and buildings
  • Monitoring patients with medical conditions in medical facilities
  • Monitoring activities in industrial application
  • Monitoring activities in critical facilities like prisons, casinos, banks etc.
  • Monitoring activities in large facilities like airports, public areas, areas ports etc.
  • Homeland security and traffic monitoring

The real-time video information along with input from Oxone enables the security operators to control the security of entire premise from the control room. Along with the video streams the audio from the cameras is also recorded and managed to provide further details. The system is capable to integrate with other systems like access control and intrusion to increase the level of security on the overall campus. ​

In Oxone Video Management System is complemented by purpose built Oxcomm integrated Security & storage Servers. The video streams can be displayed on multiple screens or Oxcomm video wall. All data can be viewed at digital dashboards integrated with CCTV servers. Any event on the system as programmed can trigger an alarm and the notification can be sent to alert

Automation and Comfort Solutions

Open platform based Building Automation system with integrated cloud features
​ Oxone from Oxcomm is a highly powerful and versatile Building Automation System software that can communicate with any third party system whether its standard based or proprietary system. Our BMS is a comprehensive cloud-based software suite of building management tools. It allows to monitor and control diverse building automation systems, by integrating different protocols under a coordinated, unified management level with an open and modular approach. ​

Building Automation as a Service (BAAS)
The Oxone cloud management station allows operations, administration and management of the BMS from any authorized remote terminal. The innovative BAAS provides a scalable service architecture, data security and privacy, customized dashboards and business intelligence. Oxone from Oxcomm is highly robust system which is easy to control using common gestures that you commonly use with your portable devices. It is possible to zoom, move on the floor, swipe quickly on plans to have with a few simple gestures the whole building or home under control. Imagine arriving home from work - the path lights switch on and the garage door gets opened. Your house recognizes you and gives you the warmest welcome: the desired lighting and temperature, your favourite music… all of this automatically. It is just technical innovation which brings the future into your home.

About Us

Oxfordshire Communications Limited is headquartered in United Kingdom and is focused to apply the innovation in the technology and science to enhance the life and improve the environment. The company is manufacturing the products under the brand name “Oxcomm”. The legacy of Oxfordshire communications comes from its Research and Development roots and software development strengths. Our skills extends to software and hardware engineering in fiber based LAN solutions, cabling infrastructure, server and storage management, video coding, building automation controls and internet of things. Oxfordshire Communications is a global producer and supplier of finest quality passive and electronic components for ICT equipment in enterprise and industrial systems.


Oxcomm is committed to meet our customer needs with state of the art quality products, reliable distribution channels, competitive solutions and consistent technical support. We design and manufacture our products to fulfill today’s needs and future requirements. We also specialize in customizing solutions to meet our customer desires and provide befit solutions. Oxcomm partners with the best companies to form technical alliances. Together with our technology partners we are able to provide innovative products with supreme quality to our customers. With our extensive branch and distributor network we are strategically positioned to serve the needs of our customers across the globe.

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